The ever-growing family of SID devices for the smart lighting

Published On: June 15, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: , , , |1 min read|

Nowadays in the public illumination and building management industry is always more important to move towards solutions for the smart lighting that can be technologically advanced and therefore sustainable in terms of savings and energy efficiency.

For this purpose, we have developed the SID7022 device: Sidora’s most innovative product designed for the point-to-point management of lighting units.
Based on the NB-IoT connectivity, when used in combination with SMU1000/SCS2020 devices and the web platform SAMi, it allows to have a full remote-monitoring cycle by controlling and managing every single streetlight.

 SID7022 is composed of components certified to work for years and in the worst work conditions, so much so that its working temperature is between -40°C and +83°C. Any possible problem is immediately detected and communicated to the control room.

The installation process is simple and immediate. Thanks to the application for Android/iOS devices and to the identification code, the device can be installed in a few seconds, even when the system is shut down

By now several municipalities have chosen to use the SID7022 device, like the municipality of Bellaria. Soon the device for the remote control of lighting units will be installed on 1500 more streetlights all over Italy.

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