A brighter future for Vicenza

Published On: January 18, 2022|Categories: Case histories|Tags: , , , |1.1 min read|

It is going forward the replacement of 15 thousand street lights for the municipality of Vicenza. The foreseen activities will also include a drastic intervention on the old systems providing illumination to monuments and town squares.

By participating to the Consip procurement the municipality of Vicenza was able to save up to 70% of its energy consumption, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions into air. A renovation of the city image and a maximized security.

Sidora, thanks to the partnership with City Green Light, has been chosen to handle the remote monitoring of the public lighting of Vicenza, with its 330 electrical systems and 15.000 street lights. The SCS2021 devices are able to monitor, through the software SAMi, the entire lighting network and are also conformal to ENEA’s PELL (Public Energy Living Lab) system.

Each Sidora device is devoted to complex projects of remote monitoring and handling for Smart Cities. When installed to the electrical panel the device enables a total control, 24/7, of the system.

The SCS2021 device, compact and modular, is provided with an advanced diagnosis system that allows to constantly check the network status, in order to take action way before any issue can compromise the service quality, thus keeping the public lighting always efficient.

Vicenza: one step forward to a brighter and more sustainable future.

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